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EMV Chip Debit Cards

With EMV Chip Cards, your debit card is more secure than ever! Instant-issue debit cards are available.  Use your Debit Card 24-hours a day to get cash, transfer between accounts, even check your balance at any ATM. You can access your Community State Bank accounts at ATM locations everywhere or use it instead of cash, credit card or writing a check and the amount of the purchase will be deducted from your checking account.

If you have forgotten your PIN, (Personal Identification Number), please contact Customer Service at (620) 251-1313. They can assist you in selecting another PIN for you.

Cashier's Checks

Cashier's Checks can be purchased at our offices, located at 1414 West 11th.

Night Depository

Night Depository Services available at our offices, located at 1414 West 11th.

Overdraft Protection Transfer

To avoid overdraft fees, funds can be transferred to a checking account from another checking or savings account automatically.

You simply tell us what increment dollar amount you want your transfer to be and we do the rest.

Safe Deposit Boxes

We have many sizes
3" x 5" x 20"
5" x 5" x 20"
3" x 10" x 20"
5" x 10" x 20"
10" x 10" x 20"


TeleBanc is another way to access your accounts 24 hours a day. Telebanc lets you verify deposits, check your balances, and hear what transactions have posted to your account. You can also make transfers and loan payments. It's easy and convenient.

Call Telebanc (620) 251-5555

If you need assistance with your password, please call (620) 251-1313 and ask for the bookkeeping department.